GPAC represents a broad spectrum of gas processor, service, and supplier companies that contribute to the success of the Oil and Gas business in Canada. A cornerstone of success is the awareness and implementation of safe operating practices. The GPAC Safety Awards Program is an important part of an industry-wide recognition for safe work at gas handling facilities across Canada. Many companies throughout the gas processing industry choose to recognize the exceptional safety records of their staff alongside industry peers through the GPAC Awards.

By participating, companies contribute to lifting safety awareness to the ultimate elimination of lost time and deaths due to preventable accidents. Some plants/facilities have been participating in the program since its inception over 30 years ago. GPAC seeks to support and acknowledge member companies in celebrating safety milestones through the public presentation of safety awards at the annual Safety Awards Banquet.


The GPAC recognizes the efforts our suppliers make as it relates to safety.  The following categories are recognized:

Predominantly (>50%) office hours worked (including consultants, engineering contractor, etc.)
Predominantly (>50%) warehouse/service/supply hours worked (including pre-manufactured goods suppliers, chemical suppliers, etc.)
Predominantly shop fabrication (>50%) hours worked (including fab shops, compressor and pump packagers, etc.)
Predominantly field construction (>50%) hours worked (including all mechanical and electrical contractors).