Membership into the Gas Processing Association provides substantial value to our members.  From discounted event pricing to access to a strong network of gas professionals, joining GPAC is an excellent decision

Benefits of Membership

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Technical Lunches
  • Annual Conference
  • Social Events
  • Gas Plant Tours
  • Student Events
  • Gas Processing 101 Workshops
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Join the ranks of your fellow gas professionals with your membership to the Gas Processing Association of Canada.  The return on investment is extraordinary!

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Student Membership

The Student GPAC Membership Process can be viewed here

G.A.S Alumni

$900+ GST
  • Alumni  Membership


$8500+ GST annually
  • Regular Membership


$2000+ GST annually
  • Student Membership

G.A.S Alumni

The purpose of G.A.S. is to provide a focal point for the alumni of the CGPA, CGPSA and GPAC organizations, provide advice and guidance to the directors and members, maintain contact with all interested past members, maintain and update a current mailing list for GAS Alumni membership; and have a representative attend the GPAC Board meetings to provide appropriate input.

Membership Criteria:

  • Have held membership in CGPA, CGPSA or GPAC
  • Have a minimum age of 50 years or 20 years related experience
  • Be retired or no longer in full time employment

*Past Presidents of CGPA, CGPSA or GPAC are automatically eligible and do not have to satisfy the age or experience criteria, but do need to be retired, or no longer in full time employment and must indicate if they wish to be on the G.A.S. list.

To sign up please provide contact information including email (if applicable) via e-mail to the G.A.S. representative below showing you have the above requirements:

Howard Smith


Outstanding Achievement Award Screening Process