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Date: June 15th
Topic: Sulfur Recovery
Presenter: Inshan S Mohammed
Location: Wood Group (1100 1 St. SE), Townhall 7th Floor
Time: 1:30  – ~4:30 PM

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Inshan S Mohammed – Principal Process Engineer, SRE

Mr. Mohammed, Principal Process Engineer, and Partner at SRE, holds the title of Professional Engineer in the jurisdiction of Alberta, Canada. During his 10 years in the Sulfur Recovery Industry, he has assisted sulfur plants worldwide in increasing the reliability and efficiency of their Sulfur Recovery Units, completing over 100 different projects including troubleshooting, performance evaluation, start-up and shutdown support, trace sulfur analysis, and capacity and dynamic evaluations.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Sulfur Recovery Unit design, operation, and optimization
  • Dynamic and steady-state process simulation
  • Delivery of seamless, onsite laboratory services from sample gathering, to analysis, to data interpretation
  • Instructor for SRE’s onsite operator and engineer training seminars


Session Synopsis:

  1. SRU Process Principles
    1. Claus process
    2. Recovery efficiency
    3. Other SRU processes
  2. SRU Equipment Review
    1. Piece-by-piece review of each equipment within the Claus process
  1. SRU Operations & Troubleshooting
    1. RF temperature
    2. Catalyst deactivation
    3. H2S/SO2 ratio
    4. Reliable instrumentation
  1. TGU Operations
    1. Amine TGU process fundamentals
    2. Principal equipment