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Session 3:

Date: November 9th
Topic: Pipeline Gathering Systems
Presenter: Shane Torwalt
Location: Vista Projects (#330 4000 4th St SE)
Time: 1:00  – ~4:00 PM


Shane Torwalt is an Engineering Manager and Principal at Vista Projects Ltd based out of Calgary, AB.  During his 20 years as an engineering consultant to the oil and gas industry, Shane has had the opportunity to work on many different types of projects ranging from basic pilot plants (where his clients were looking to prove an existing reservoir or perhaps demonstrate a new technology), gas processing plants, all the way up to multi-billion dollar grass roots heavy oil facilities.

Educated as a chemical engineer at the University of Saskatchewan, Shane views himself as a lifelong student and teacher.  He has directed his career path towards opportunities to gain an in-depth understanding of the areas of natural gas processing, heavy oil recovery and oilsands processing so as to be able to share that knowledge with others.  His motto of “see one, do one, teach one” has been a guiding principle throughout his career especially within a design “team” atmosphere.  Over the years, Shane has provided learning opportunities to his colleagues which allowed technical and non-technical people alike to get a well-rounded understanding of the typical resource recovery processes common to the oil and gas industry in Alberta.  Shane is a professional engineer registered both in Alberta and Saskatchewan (APEGA/APEGS).

 Course Content

  1. Pipeline Design and Standards
    1. Physical Properties – Gas Analysis
    2. Types of Natural Gas (Sweet/Sour)
    3. Water saturation
    4. JT effect
    5. Hydraulics
    6. Compressor stations
    7. Topographic maps vs Google Earth with terrain profile
    8. GGS Software available for analysis
    9. Sales specification of pipeline natural gas
    10. Pipeline Codes and Standards
  2. Pipeline Operation
    1.  Hydrates
    2. Line Pigging (Smart tools)
    3. Internal and External Corrosion
    4. Liquid slugs and Surges
    5. Condensation Induced Water Hammer
    6. Pipeline Safety
  3. Pipeline Construction
    1. Alberta Application Process
    2. ABAdata Database
    3. Environmental Considerations
    4. Pipeline Construction Methods